How to Quit A Job

How to Quit a Job – Things to consider

For a good number of people, employment is a short-term blessing. The excitement that comes with employment does not always last! When people go through challenges in their places of work, most of them focus on ways of dealing with their challenges. Only a few people opt to quit. Choosing to quit a job is not a simple decision. This is one of the most challenging decisions people are forced to make. The process is not supposed to be stressful, however. If you are planning to quit, here are some tips that can help you make a smooth transition into self-employment:how-to-quit

Venture into what you love to do

Working with and for a specific company often gives people a special connection. This connection is often associated with the sense of belonging and security. These two factors make it difficult for people to quit their jobs. To easily make transitions, people should always think of what they love to do! Before you quit, you must have a good exit strategy. The exit strategy you come up with should usher you into what you love to do! That’s why I wrote my book.

Remember that you are quiting to succeed not to make enemies

Quiting a job does not just change the lives of individuals. Employers are always forced to deal with changes. If you are not sure about the right way to quit, you should remember that your employer is valuable. If you are about to embrace self-employment, you must be keen to leave when the relationship with your employer is good. Never make enemies when quiting your job!

Talk to other people

Millions of employed people do not know how to quit a job. When most people are forced to leave their jobs, they often go through a draining period! Decision making should not always be a nerve wrecking experience. To make your decision making process easier and less confusing, you can talk to other people who have been through the same situation. Reliable family members and friends can help you make that life changing decision!

Think about freedom

When we talk about employment, there are a number of employment contracts, terms and conditions that come to our minds. These are some of the things that limit some peoples’ productivity! With the available self-employment opportunities, people can easily embrace freedom! Before you quit, it is imperative that you evaluate the opportunities that freedom exposes you to! If they are more than the risks, you can go ahead and make that move!

Inform your employer

Quiting a job is a painful decision for many. This decision often exposes people to a number of uncertainties. For most employers, quiting often results to loss of productive employees. After considering the opportunities you have and the risks, the next thing should be informing your employer. Always remember that lesser information is better! Keep your letter formal and positive too. You should also give the employer a notice to allow them time to recruit another employee!

Employment is not the ultimate option for all people! For some people, there is always a time join and a time to leave. Apart from learning how to quit a job, people should also prepare themselves for the new life ahead. Preparation always makes life after quiting a job easier!

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