How to Quit A Job

How To Quit Quitting in Four Easy Steps

Quitting your job is a *monumental* life decision to make. If you’ve read this far, I’m pretty sure that right now you have this excited-scared feeling in your body.  You want to believe that you are strong enough to set off and go chase your dream. But there are also voices in your head that know everything about you and *they* think you should play it safe! Take it slow. Don’t rock the boat. Does this sound familiar? Tell me, how has the strategy worked so far?

how-to-quitIf you’re teetering on the edge of full commitment, please implement the following steps and I guarantee a 100% increase in confidence! How can I be so sure? Well, let’s face it. What’s happening in your life is NOT WORKING. How do I know? People don’t want to quit jobs they like. And *nobody* quits a job they love!

These steps aren’t difficult, in theory… However, your brain is going to resist thinking very deeply about them. Keep an eye out for random distractions when you try to complete this exercise. Just remember, your *heart* should get a say in your future too.

Step 1. Get absolutely focused on what you really want. Do this with pen and paper and just writing down some answers to this question, “What *major* goals or milestones do I want to accomplish next?” These are  YOUR accomplishments; not for your kids, parents, spouse, etc. Pick something off your “bucket list” if you have one. Just pick something that’s going to *stretch* you. Something that you will feel a huge sense of accomplishment when you finally say, “oh my gosh, I *DID* it!” Write this goal down on several postits and put them in random places where you constantly remind yourself of what you have decided you want.

Step 2. Dump The Crap Out Of Your Brain. Inevitably, your brain will skillfully come up with a list of obstacles that prevent you from accomplishing  your goals. The list goes on and on, it says. Ok then, let’s make a list of these obstacles. Think of every single one…and there are going to be a lot! Big ones, little ones, hard ones, easy ones. Heck, keep the list on your person for a few days and just keep adding to the list. What do you *THINK* you have to get done before Step 1’s goal can be achieved?

Step 3. Decide what’s doable. What can you, yourself (by yourself) do on this list? Put a special mark next to only the things that YOU can do. You can’t change peoples’ minds. You can’t make a million dollars over night. You can’t fly to the moon. (Err, unless that’s your goal.)

Step 4. Decide what you can do NOW. Cross out all those things that don’t have a special mark next to them. For all those things that *you* can do (i.e. from all the things left with a mark and not scratched out), circle the things that you can do in the next 30 days. This is “low hanging fruit” for you. Even if they’re hard things, remember your goal. I can (almost) guarantee you that nothing on that list will KILL you! Take just one small baby step. You know how to eat an elephant…?

What about the other things? Forget them or write them on their own (separate) piece of paper, but either way, they’re only getting in your way right now; causing you to feel overwhelmed and not in control of your life. The confidence you’re going to have when you start chipping away your todo list will build as you cross things off your list.

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