How to Quit A Job

How To Quit: Quitting Right!

Careers are supposed to expose us to multiple opportunities. They are also supposed to give us the financial security and peace of mind we need among many other things. For most people, careers have only proven to be a painful source of income. Thousands of people today, work under¬†deplorable¬†working conditions. What’s more, most of these people work for very little money in an environment that restricts and limits their chances of growth! Thousands of nasty employment tales (not to mention my own) have so far proven that self-employment is a better option.

For most people, the grass is definitely greener on the self-employment side! Quitting their jobs is however, not that easy. If you are contemplating self-employment but you dont know how to quit right, you can do so today. Here are a few tips on how to quit your job:

Evaluate Your Situation

Quitting a job does not always help to solve all the problems people have. This decision can however, help to make some peoples’ lives better. Before people decide to quit, one of the things they should do is an evaluation of their current situation! Evaluation of situations helps people to identify their problems and appropriate solutions. Before you quit, you must be sure that you are settling for the right solution to your problem!

Think About and Plan For Your Transition

When you do not know how to quit right, you always expose yourself to unpleasant situations. Apart from trying to understand the basics of quitting right, people should also take time to think about their transition. Unless your situation is too critical, you must take some time to plan for your transition. Venturing into self-employment can only be stress free if people prepare themselves for their new experiences. To make your transition smoother, you can always ask for advice, help and support from your friends, family or people who have made successful transitions in the past!

Notify Your Employer

Failing to notify employers is one of the greatest mistakes people make when they are quitting their jobs. This mistake often triggers mixed reactions from different employers. Notices always give employers a chance to negotiate terms or recruit new employees. Notices (usually) avoid bitter exchanges and feelings between employees and their employers. To ensure that you maintain a good relationship with your previous employer, always provide a well-written notice. The notice you provide should be positive. The next time you are writing a resignation letter, you should also be keen to keep it short and simple. Never provide unnecessary information in your notice!

Leave But Don’t Leave

When most people quit their jobs, they do so and still hold on to their bitter pasts. This makes it difficult for people to relate well with their former employers! Being self-employed does not mean that you do not need other people. If you are planning to quit your job, it is important to keep your relationship with your employer and other employees healthy. Always remember that the people you leave behind can become your reliable sources of help and support in future!

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