How to Quit A Job

Niche Marketing: What’s My Passion Checklist

-List every magazine you’ve ever subscribed to for any length of time

-Same for newsletters & various publications that you consistently enjoyed reading

-Every job or industry you worked in long enough to become really familiar – even if you’ve been out of it for a long time

-Every “group” that you’ve been a member of. Examples could be – golf, Presbyterian church, girl scouts, cancer survivors support group, bowling league, pottery making class, David Hasselhoff Fan
Club, horsemanship, stamp collecting, backgammon, owning rental property, investing, chess club, etc.

-Every major schooling / training / educational experience you’ve had (like travel to Africa or airplane mechanic school or nursing degree)

-Every hobby or fascination you’ve had

-5 topics you know a lot about, that most people don’t know you know a lot about

-Specific products, services or experiences that you have great familiarity with (like a washing machine that broke down so much, pretty soon you knew how to fix it better than the repairman)

-Topics you own more than 5 books on

-A story of 2 major personal victories from each of the following: childhood; teen years; early adult; recent adult. Tell what happened and what made you feel GOOD about it.

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